The natural beauty emanating from wooden floors gives the surroundings a warm and noble look and a unique character. The quality and sophisticated taste of the materials used extends the atmosphere of coziness and timelessness, which is even more pronounced over time. Wooden floors are increasingly popular on the Polish market.

We offer popular Tarkett and Barlinek layered products. We offer boards in the form of 3-strip parquet, 1-strip plank, as well as exclusive collections of refined colors and structure. Staves are new, it is possible to lay them in the form of herringbone.

Golden Bark - a board made of three layers of solid hard wood, arranged back-pressure. Elm, hornbeam, oak. This design gives stability both in the case of boards with typical dimensions, herringbone, and with several-meter long QUERCUS boards, which on request we make in any size. At the client's request, we will make a sample - we will match the color and structure to the rest of the interior, such as stairs - or furniture.

Bart multi-layer boards, 4 or 5 mm thick, 190 mm to 320 mm wide boards finished with seven oilings do not require special treatment for many years. Sophisticated

Hand-made Italian floors FOGLIE D'ORO complement our offer. MATITA, FRAMENTI, OMBRE are Italian words that will take on a different meaning after visiting our studio. A dozen types of wood, 37 types of surface finishes is an unlimited number of possibilities. Italian designers will help change any house or residence project into a unique and unrepeatable one.

Do you need a WOOD installation?

Use our services - installation of floor panels.