Made in the latest technologies and extremely durable. Characterized by a unique design. In an excellent price-quality ratio. We offer such floor panels to customers.

The Belgian brand BERRY ALLOC, offering solutions from laminates to vinyls for commercial applications, offers, among others, CHATEU panels in the form of staples for laying in a herringbone that resembles natural wooden floors, vinyl panels in the GLUEDOWN version which will allow maximum use of underfloor heating systems.

Balterio, which impresses with the beauty and natural appearance of the floor panels, offers a variety of technical solutions such as HYDROSHIELD that protects panels for 24 hours against moisture penetration, or RIGID-based vinyl panels that will ensure customers satisfaction with their use.

CLASSEN laminate flooring is one of the most frequently selected products in our offer, whose quality, design and diversified offer are the answer to the requirements of customers around the world. Brands such as ARTEO or WIPARQUET combine an attractive appearance with a favorable price, which ensures confidence in choosing the right floor, which often stays with us for many years.

Along with changes in trends and manufacturers' offers, we constantly update the collections available in our stores. We are happy to advise and transfer our knowledge both when choosing panels, as well as tips on conditions, storage and installation. Purchased floors, sleepers and skirting boards will be delivered by the indicated date without the need for prior pickup and storage by customers.

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