Would you like to create a unique, warm and friendly interior? An interior in which you and your family will feel good?

To meet the diverse requirements and needs - we have included the doors of leading manufacturers in our offer: CLASSEN, POL SKONE, PORTA, DRE, INVADO, VOSTER, VASCO, ERKADO, CAL, LAGRUS, MORIC, LEON, ECCLISSE, RENOVO.

Many possible surfaces and finishes that can be used, as well as rich colors allow you to create original interiors with a unique character. Also, the use of various materials, from veneers and wood to metal, glass and even stone means that we are able to implement any project.

Do you dream of a glass wall with doors in forged metal frames, complementing the character of the loft interior? We offer RENOVO doors.

Would you like to hide the entrance to the wardrobe from prying eyes? The idea may be a door faced with a mirror.

A wooden wall with doors that open all the way to the ceiling? We will implement - choose only the color of the wood.

The varied offer and richness of the proposed solutions will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding customers.

Door accessories and fittings complement the range of doors: DOMINO, TUPAI, APRILLE, STILE, METAL-BUD, CORONA, INFINITY, VDS, OLIVARI.

We will mount your door.

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